17 Apr 2013

Are you a Deconstructed Mummy?

Come find out!

What are the Deconstructing Mummy groups?
What does it mean to be a "deconstructed mummy"?
What do we talk about in the groups and how will this help you mother?
What is the relationship of the "emerging mother self" to your changing body, the "imagined child" and the intergenerational passing down of mothering ways?

Looks like a presentation of the groups is in order.

After talking to expectant and new mums, I decided to organise a presentation of the Deconstructing Mummy groups with free entry, on Monday the 13/5/13 , 11:00 am at "That place on the Corner" , N16 (follow link for address).

An attendance email at deconstructingmummy@gmail.com would be appreciated, but last minute walk-ins are very welcome too.
Come have a cup of coffee, bring a friend and find out if you are on your way of being a "deconstructed mummy!"

P.s The coffee shop is extremely child friendly!

4 Feb 2013

New Mummy Groups starting!

To all deconstructed mums who are interested:

The new Deconstructing Mummy groups are starting on
Tuesday 26/2/13 at 7.30-9.00pm @ the "That Place on the Corner Cafe" and every Tuesday  for 8 weeks
Friday 1/3/13 at 10.00-11.30 am @ Hornsey Vale Community Centre and every Friday for 8 weeks.
Places are limited to 8 people so early booking is advised!
Kindly note that mothers need to arrange babysitting as the group encourages thinking on oneself and time away from the baby.

Email deconstructingmummy@gmail.com  for enquiries or to book your place.

9 Nov 2012

Expectant Mothers help science!


Hello, my name is Anastasia Apostolou and I have recently started a psychotherapy training; in that context learning about early child development is of great significance. There is a richness in the first interactions between a mother and her new baby which can be a source of profound knowledge. 

Are you due to give birth until Chrismas? If you are, please get in contact with me through emailing Marianna (aka Deconstructing Mummy) at deconstructingmummy@gmail.com!!! I am looking for a future mother who can help me learn about the beginning of the infant’s life in his/her ordinary family environment. I hope that the family will also gain something from this experience and would be very happy if you agreed to take part.

Thank you!

5 Nov 2012

Deconstructing Mummy Mondays!

It is official!
Where? @ Rokesly Children's Centre Crouch End
When?  The first Monday of every month 4-5pm
What? Deconstructing Mummy will be there to discuss all psychological issues we face as expectant and new mothers during the first years of motherhood
Entrance is FREE
Drop ins welcome.
Ring to confirm on the day.

9 Oct 2012

The person that became a mother

I read an article today about mothers making "mummy friends". It is a subject that often comes up in conversations between mothers whether new or experienced.
However the reason I am mentioning this article is not for its specific subject matter but for one single sentence that struck me, and that is : " with an understanding of the person that became a mother".
Now this is a subject that permeates the whole "deconstructing mummy" concept, is the backbone of the mother group meetings and of my philosophy as a psychologist.
Who is this person (that became a mother)? What is her history? How does she feel and what does she think? How has she changed or is currently changing? What will always be the same for her no matter what?
Is she her own person? What does she want out of her life? What does she expect, wish for, secretly yearn for? What scares her, intimidates her, makes her doubt?
Hey my list can go on forever.
The point is, if we get these answers for ourselves (you know, the self that has now become a mother) then we are on our way of being better mothers and more truthful persons. We need our "self centre" to function properly. Let's not forget who we are, because who we are will guide us in "how" we do mothering (amongst other things.)

3 Oct 2012

New Mums' group starting!

To all deconstructed mums who are interested:

New group is starting on the 23/10 in North Finchley, every Tuesday at 7.15pm-9pm for 8 weeks.
Places are limited to 8 people so early booking is advised!

Email deconstructingmummy@gmail.com  for enquiries or to book your place.

1 Oct 2012

Put your Oxygen masks first.... Again

The free talk "Put your Oxygen Masks on first!" for new and expectant mothers is repeated.
Two new venues, times and dates with more to come. The talk will concentrate on the feelings and difficulties mothers face psychologically during the first years of their child's life. Bring along your mother- friends, questions and experiences.

Monday 8/10, 3pm @ Rokesly Children's Centre, Elmfield Avenue N8 8QG

Friday 12/10, 1.30pm @ Coppetts Wood Children's Centre, Coppetts Road, N10 1JS

email deconstructingmummy@gmail.com if you have any questions.